Casthouse Technology and Solutions
AluMore offers aluminum producers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their needs in casthouse process equipment, automation projects, and technical services.
AluMore offers aluminum producers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their casthouse process, equipment, automation, and technical service needs.
AluMore offers aluminum producers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their needs in casthouse process equipment, automation projects, and technical services.

About Us

Increasingly, aluminum producers are looking for integrated solutions and turnkey projects. This is why we created AluMore. AluMore is a group of well established companies that decided to combine their expertise to become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for aluminum casthouses. The diversity and complementary nature of our array of products cover the whole aluminum casting process from the entry side of the furnaces to the semi-finished products. The technologies on offer in the casting bay include charging and material handling systems, furnace supply, control and optimization, launder systems, refractory systems, casting machines, tooling and molds. Automated material handling, ultrasonic detection, homogenizing, sawing, packaging and stamping solutions complete the process supply. We supply full turnkey projects from feasibility support, through the engineering, design and fabrication phase to installation, commissioning and start up and into the ramp up period to full production.

AluMore also provides a specialized expertise for the automation of aluminum casthouse processes, as well as the whole range of technical/engineering services to audit the performance of your casthouse.

Why AluMore?

AluMore combines all relevant expertise, technologies and processes to address the common issues aluminum casthouses can typically face including product quality deficiencies, safety challenges, production bottlenecks, energy efficiency and operating costs. AluMore provides for a seamless and well-coordinated experience throughout its entire range of capabilities from preliminary studies to the start up of new systems and work in seamless cooperation with the plant management, engineering and operating crews.

With AluMore you access a large pool of expertise and creativity and over a century of combined experience in the field of aluminum casthouses around the world, which results in proven, no-hassle solutions and technologies.

News and Events

Dynamic Concept presenting at TMS 2018 annual meeting

On Monday March 12th Dynamic Concept is proud to chair the HSE and Casthouse Operation at prestigious TMS 2018! During the same session, Dynamic Concept also present the following technical papers: «Drive-in Feeding of Crucibles for Casting Machine» «Continuous...

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