Casthouse Technology and Solutions


Through its group member GNA alutech (, AluMore supplies fully adapted specialized furnace systems:

Melting and Holding Furnaces (tiltable or stationary)

  • Melting furnaces for clean metal
  • Melting furnaces for scrap metal
  • Holding furnaces
  • Preheaters

Homogenizing Systems

  • Homogenizing furnaces
  • Cooling chambers

Heat treatment Furnaces

  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Ageing Ovens

Cathode & Anode Systems

  • Cathode sealing equipment
  • Anode stub & Stub hole heaters


  • Siphon systems
  • Launder systems
  • Automated Alloying System
  • Ladle heaters
  • Charging machines

Our team offers complete turnkey solutions including options analysis, engineering, equipment design, equipment fabrication and supply, installation, commissioning and start up.