Casthouse Technology and Solutions

Casthouse Operations Audits

AluMore has a long and diverse experience in casthouse operations stemming from engineering, designing, operating, supporting and providing solutions to all casthouse operating disciplines. This experience lends itself to assisting casting operations through audits of their operations.

The preliminary level audit is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible based on initial meetings with management and casthouse superintendents to understand any ongoing concerns or issues within the casthouse followed by time on the casthouse floor. The objective of the audits are:

  • To identify ‘low hanging fruit” which can be addressed quickly and at minimal cost to improve operations
  • To identify where safety improvements can be implemented
  • To discover where energy, productivity, process and quality improvements can potentially be made
  • To identify and offer solutions for process bottlenecks
  • To offer feedback on casthouse concerns identified by the client

This preliminary audit is offered to the client as a one day on-site service. Following the audit, if more detailed, specific reviews of individual process areas are requested, these are then supported by experts specializing in those areas. These process specific audits can be longer duration support projects depending upon the scope of the necessary investigations.

Thank you for all of the advice and sharing your knowledge of the Casting business with me. I truly appreciate all you taught me.”

EHS Manager

Secondary Aluminum Production Plant

“I was my pleasure to work with you on our projects over the last several months. Your expertise and direction have served myself and (the plant) well. I want to personally thank you for all your support and advice.”

Casthouse Manager

Secondary Aluminum Production Plant

“This plant will miss having a champion with your knowledge and insight to drive the improvements needed in the cast house.  It can be difficult to keep your eye on the long ball when bogged down with daily stresses, so your regular visits were helping to keep the fire burning.”

Engineering Manager

Secondary Aluminum Production Plant