Casthouse Technology and Solutions

Refractory Materials

Through its group member Refraco (, AluMore designs and manufactures parts in refractory materials for high temperature and aggressive environment applications. We offer a wide range of products to fulfill aluminum casthouse needs such as:

  • Furnace refractory blocks
  • Refractories for furnace doors
  • Casting launders in several different materials depending on the specific operating conditions. Different materials may even be used in the same installation according to the requirements of different “zones”
  • Ceramic Foam Filters (CFFs) bowls
  • Deep Bed Filters: refractory linings, grid plates, sink plates, and baffles for DBFs. Refractory and insulating parts for the
  • preheating and maintaining DBF covers
  • Refractory launder tiles and baffles for inline degassers
  • Floor tiles

Refraco also offers complete refractory engineering services for aluminium casting lines and their associated systems:

  • Inspections
  • Material evaluation and selection
  • Thermal studies
  • Complete design of new launder lines or launder line extensions
  • Fabrication and installation drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Tender documents and forms

Our team offers complete turnkey solutions including options analysis, engineering, equipment design, equipment fabrication and supply, installation, commissioning and start up.