Casthouse Technology and Solutions

Specialized Mobile Equipment

To offer complete casthouse solutions, AluMore works in close partnership with Mecfor Inc. (, a renowned specialized equipment designer and manufacturer in the aluminum industry

Mecfor Multifunctional Vehicles, MVR or MVA series

For many years, Mecfor Inc., a Canadian-based company, is offering a proven Casthouse Solution concept with extreme versatility. One multifunctional vehicle, MVR or MVA model, does it all with the QuicKonnect Technology. Engineered to work with Mecfor’s Casthouse tools, the equipment can fill, tend or clean a furnace as well as carry large loads. The full Casthouse cycle can be done by the operator using one vehicle without leaving an ergonomic and safe operator’s cab. In addition, the cab is designed in a way that visibility is key: a full view of operation at all times (double steering driving available). Each vehicle can be built to your specific needs including a wide array of options and telemetric.

QuicKonnect Technology; maximum versatility

Mecfor QuicKonnect system connects hydraulically onto a variety of modular tools which perform specialised and dedicated tasks such as skimming, cleaning, charging (scrap and alloy material) and stirring. More information on Mecfor Casthouse tools can be found at

The hydraulic power opens up a range of possibilities for the design of new tool that may better fit with your Casthouse realities.


The use of two multifunctional vehicles with a series of tools ensures that all Casthouse operations can be carried out by interchanging tools from one vehicle to another. Thus, vehicle utilisation is optimised. Also, by switching the mast and adding a MAC, the MVR or MVA can work as a Bath Tapping Vehicle.

Main benefits

Significant savings are achieved with the protection of the furnace refractories, the reduced number of vehicles required and low mechanical maintenance costs.

To find out more on Mecfor Casthouse solution, MVR or MVA, multifunctional vehicle with the QuicKonnect system, and how it can benefit your productivity, lower your maintenance costs while ensuring safety at all time, contact Mecfor Inc. (